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About Us

NEIGHBOR'S KITCHEN is a traditional Chinese-style restaurant. Neighbor's Kitchen pays great attention to the health of our customers. So, you can taste the authentic Chinese-Style flavors here. NEIGHBOR'S KITCHEN uses only the finest ingredients. NEIGHBOR'S KITCHEN uses the superior quality ingredients to achieve low fat and the high foods, and to increase nutrition in general.


NEIGHBOR'S KITCHEN doesn't exclude vegetarians, either! NEIGHBOR'S KITCHEN uses the pure vegetables rapeseed oil for our food. Therefore, regardless of whether you're vegetarian or just someone    who enjoys Chinese cuisine, everyone can enjoy all the delicacies at NEIGHBOR'S KITCHEN.

Good news! Our chef's have several years experience to providing birthday parties, company parties and so on. NEIGHBOR'S KITCHEN provides  food and the beverages for different occasions. We offer a wide variety of menu items for all our customers

Remembered: Only NEIGHBOR'S KITCHEN is able to provide you with delicious, authentic Chinese-style good food. And besides that, you can eat healthy at a great price! Even if you're in the mood for a little American-style food or just a snack, everyone is welcome. We are honored to provide such good for you. In this, NEIGHBOR'S KITCHEN thanks you for your support and your business!

NEIGHBOR'S KITCHEN wishes all our customers a healthy and prosperity year


10:00 am-9:00 pm
Sun.: Close

No M.S.G.

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